Monday, 5 August 2013

Interesting Google Tricks That You May Want To Know

Here Is A List Of Some Interesting Google Tricks:

  • Definitions:

Look out for definition of any word by typing 'define' followed by the word that you want definition for. For example, typing: 'define: structure' would display the definition of the word STRUCTURE.

  • Local search:

Visiting 'Google Local' enter the area that you want to search for and the keyword of the place that  you want to find. For an example: typing: Petrol Pump at Google Local will display the local Petrol Pump near you.

  • Phone Number Look Up:

Finding a phone number of person who lives in United States, used to mean searching white pages of the phone directory. The Printed residential phone books are
getting deficient. But Google has alternative: The Residential PhoneBook service.
Enter a person’s name and the city, state or zip code in the Google standard web search. And search for it.
Remember google also support reverse search. You can enter number with country code to search for the person.
Note if you wish to remove your listing from google phone book fill up the 'Google Phonebook Name Removal form'.

  • Track Airline Flight and Packages:

Enter flight and airline number to get the status of an airline flight and also it's arrival time. For example: type 'delta 123' to get the information about this flight.... If Available.
Google can provide a direct link to the package tracking information if you enter a FedEx, UPS or USPS tracking number also.

  • Find Weather and Movies:

Find for 'weather' or 'movies' in your nearest place or any place, you want to know about. Go to Google search and type 'weather' or 'movies' followd by the city.. or zip code.
For example to search for movies in Salt Lake City(Kolkata) type: 'movies Salt Lake City, Kolkata'. Or by typing: 'weather Salt Lake City, Kolkata' gives you the weather information about the very city.


  • Translate

If you have any problem to understand any new language, which is unknown to you. Google translate is there to solve language problem. You can Translate a text...word... a complete web page... or anything you want.


  • Pages linked to you

If you want to see what others web pages are linking to your blog or website. Then go to Google. And type the link followed by the url. For example,1 typing "link:" displays all those pages linking to 'Technical Solution' (Name of this blog)

  • Search For Any Particular Type Of File:

To search for particular type of file (torrent, pdf, jpeg or anything) Go to google. And type the desired filename followd by :'file extension'. For example if you are searching for torrent of The Movie Spider-Man, Then type "Spider-Man:Torrent"

File Type

  • Calculator

Now you can use google search engine as calculator to solve your basic problems or equations. For example, typing 200+300 would display the result, which is 500.

  • Stocks

With google you can quickly get to a stock quote price, chart, and
related links just by typing stock symbol in Google. For an example, typing: msft would display the stock informations for Microsoft.


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